Contract Opportunities – FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions and answers related to the contract opportunities at SeattlePro.

Are the positions advertised on your Web site full-time or part time jobs?
No. Our opportunities are 1099 contract positions, not a full-time or part-time employment opportunities.

What type of contract opportunities are available at SeattlePro?
The majority of our contract opportunities are related to training, consulting, and authoring projects.

What are typical training opportunities at SeattlePro?
Our training opportunities will typically include teaching either Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) or SeattlePro’s proprietary SharePoint courses. The training assignments may include teaching onsite at our clients’ facility, at CPLS training centers, or teaching online remotely from home. For the majority of our assignments, you need to be a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) for at least 5 years. However, there are some exceptions that depend on the individual projects where contractors are not required to have MCT certification.

What are typical consulting assignments at SeattlePro?
Our consulting engagements are typically related to Microsoft products and technologies (Windows Server, Windows clients, SharePoint, Office 365, Active Directory, Exchange, SQL Server, SCCM, virtualization, security, etc.). A few of our clients are also interested in VMware, Oracle, Cisco and other non-Microsoft technologies.

What are typical authoring projects at SeattlePro?
Some of our typical authoring projects include writing white papers, case studies, datasheets and articles for Microsoft and other vendors. We develop custom courseware, training videos, technical manuals, Webinars, and presentations for our clients.

Are there any SharePoint opportunities available at SeattlePro?
SeattlePro is very involved with SharePoint technologies at all levels, including training, consulting and authoring. The consulting opportunities at SeattlePro cover various aspects of SharePoint: installation, configuration, taxonomy, design, governance, deployment, testing, development, troubleshooting, support, training, etc. The training opportunities include teaching either MOC or SeattlePro’s proprietary SharePoint courses. We develop our own SharePoint curriculum so there are potential opportunities in that area as well. We are also involved in developing SharePoint videos and custom Webinars for our clients. Please visit our Contract Opportunities page for current postings.

I would like to be automatically notified of any contract opportunities at SeattlePro. What do I need to do?
You can send us your resume and add your name to our contractors’ database. When you send us your resume please indicate that you want to be added to our contractors’ database.

Is there a cost associated with adding name to your contractors database?
No, there is no cost for joining our database. We only offer this service for your convenience and there is no obligation on your part.

What if I am no longer interested in having my name in your contractors database?
Simply send us an e-mail stating that you would like to have your name removed from our database. We will remove your name and delete your resume.

Will you share my resume with recruiters, placement agencies, or employers?
No, we are not recruiters or a job placement agency so we will not send your resume or personal information to other potential employers. We will not post your resume on the Web and won’t share information with third-parties or anyone outside SeattlePro without your permission. We will not sell your name and contact information to mailing lists either.

How do I update my contact information or resume?
Send us an e-mail with your updated contact information or resume. It is important to keep us up to date with your current contact information and any new certifications or degrees that are relevant to your position.

How long are the typical contracts?
The consulting contracts vary anywhere from short-term projects that may last a few days, weeks or several months working full-time. We may have contracts that will last a year or two but a typical work week will be about 20 hours. The majority of the training contracts are 5-day teaching assignments. However, some classes may last for 2 or 3 days. 1-day or 4-day classes are relatively rare but sometimes our clients like to combine them to make it a week-long assignment. We also have clients that may require a series of hour-long SharePoint Webinars spread over several months. These are usually online Webinars delivered by our instructors from home.

Who can apply for your contract opportunities?
Our opportunities are open to all United States citizens and permanent residents.

Do you accept resumes from recruiters or employment agencies?
No. SeattlePro does not accept any unsolicited resumes, curriculum vitae, bios, or portfolios of potential candidates from recruiters or employment agencies. All unsolicited resumes submitted to us are deemed to be the property of SeattlePro and we explicitly reserve the right to pursue and hire the candidate(s) without any financial obligation to the recruiter or agency.

I have some additional questions. Where do I find the answers?
Contact us if you have any additional questions. We will get back to you promptly.

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