Best Practices eBooks by SharePoint MVP

The Best Practices eBooks for SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 are based on our real-world consulting and training experiences working with SharePoint since 2001. These books can be best described as our braindump in digital format. SeattlePro published the 2nd edition of SharePoint 2010 Best Practices eBook on January 18, 2015.

Alexander’s Blog

Alexander’s Blog includes how-to articles, product tips, comments, news, observations, and much more on technical topics such as training, certification, security, messaging, hardware, network clients/servers, troubleshooting, etc. Topics are not necessarily limited to Microsoft products and technologies, even though the vast majority of content is Microsoft-specific.

Seattle IT Pro User Group

Seattle IT Pro User Group (SITPUG) was founded in 2008 by SeattlePro’s founder to serve the greater Seattle area IT community. The user group is primarily focused on Microsoft networking technologies, such as Windows Server, Windows Clients, Active Directory, SharePoint, Office 365, Exchange, SQL Server, System Center, Windows Azure, PowerShell, etc. Covering a broad range of subject matter ensures that a vast majority of IT Pros can benefit from the topics covered in the meetings.

SITPUG Registration is FREE and open to the public. You can also join SITPUG on LinkedIn and post technical questions in the Discussions area.

Free Training Webinars

Our free Webinars offer a wide range of topics generally related to Microsoft products and services. These Webinars are your opportunity to pick our presenters’ brains and ask questions and our opportunity to share the lessons we’ve learned working in the trenches. Visit our Webinars page for more information.